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jQuery TileZoom Plugin

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The jQuery TileZoom Plugin is an image zoom plugin which uses image tiles and provides a convenient way to zoom in and zoom out of high-resolution images.

The plugin provides a method called tilezoom which is invoked on a container element.
It’s simple html and javascript. Plugin doesn’t use canvas element, that is why it works with IE browsers too!

Tiles for the image should be generated with TileGenerator (modified version of PHP Deep Zoom Tools) for this.

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Drupal Highlighting module

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Syntax highlighting is very important when we want to show our code example on the Drupal site. It may be useful in the portfolio, if you’re a programmer or in blog posts to highlight pieces of code.

This module integrates JQuery syntax Highlight plugin into Drupal for syntax highlighting of source code snippets in any Drupal contents.

Please feel free to check out and use our Drupal Highlighting module.

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Cache Php Class

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There are many ready solutions for caching data on php, but I will propose own Cache Php Class. It is quite simple and will help to understand the mechanism of caching.

We will not be caching whole pages, this solution is outdated. In reality, only caching of individual blocks is used. And if more precisely, we will cache only the pure data, no html.

Cacher allows you to cache variables (anything that can be put into a variable) for later use. This speeds up loading time, and reduces load on the data source.

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