Drupal Highlighting module

By December 8, 2011 June 12th, 2015 Development

Syntax highlighting is very important when we want to show our code example on the Drupal site. It may be useful in the portfolio, if you’re a programmer or in blog posts to highlight pieces of code.

This module integrates JQuery syntax Highlight plugin into Drupal for syntax highlighting of source code snippets in any Drupal contents.

Please feel free to check out and use our Drupal Highlighting module.

Third party library dependency

This module requires JQuery syntax Highlight plugin which was written before. By defalut this library is included in the module installation.

But you can also download the latest version from JQuery syntax Highlight plugin page and copy it into the module folder.

Language Support

Highlighting module supports the same languages as the original JQuery plugin: HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

How to use

Drupal 6

After installing “Highlighting” module add new input filter “Highlighter”.
To highlight your code, you should select “Highlighter” filter for the node and then just use this native formats:

<pre class="code">source code</pre>

To see more usage examples please check the original article.

Drupal 7

In Drupal 7 the module doesn’t create separate input format but adds new filter which should be enabled for input format you plan to use with highlighting the code. For example you can enable this filter for “Full Html” input format.


See Drupal 6 demo page with css, html, php, js syntax highlighted.


Please use the links below for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions accordingly:


Version Downloads Date
6.x-1.0 zip (7.13 KB) 2010-December-19
7.x-1.0 zip (7.40 KB) 2011-June-06

To do

  1. Create admin configuration form for changing plugin options: source, zebra, indent and list