Why do you need a responsive mobile friendly site today?

By May 18, 2015 June 23rd, 2015 Article

As everybody knows, web goes mobile. Currently about 30% of site traffic comes via mobile devices.

Starting from April 21, Google favors mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, giving advantage to more responsive mobile-friendly sites in search results.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Starting TODAY you may lose traffic if it is not! To check if your site is mobile-friendly you can use Mobile-Friendly Test utility from Google.

If your website uses third-party software like WordPress or Drupal there are a lot of solutions for making your site responsive. Communities may provide mobily ready themes and templates.

Please take a look some good starting points provided by Google listed below:

Also you can check official Drupal’s Mobile Guide and list of useful resources for Responsive web design.

Do not pull the time, otherwise competitors will leave you far behind. And remember, site responsiveness has become now main factor of SEO.

What to start with?

If your site is pretty basic, we could suggest making it responsive by adding a custom CSS with media queries affecting different screen resolutions. Another option is to use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

WordPress provides The Bootstrap theme which can be used as the base theme for building your custom theme from scratch. Drupal has a similar project too – Bootstrap theme which occupies the 3rd place among the most popular Drupal themes.

We offer different solutions for making your site responsive depending on your needs and budget. If you have any questions or want to make your site mobile-friendly, please feel free to contact us!

Let’s make the web better together!