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Text Replace php script

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When it’s needed to replace some text in multiple html files, first of all you’re starting thinking about this boring monotonous work.

For example, you have almost finished slicing about 30 pages from PSD to HTML. And the customer requests to replace JUST some of the links in the footer and one link in the header for example on each page. It’s cool if you could use PHP or SSI includes. But if the customer wants a clean and simple HTML markup. What would you to do in this case?

Please feel free to check out and use our Text Replace php script.

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JQuery syntax Highlight plugin

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This plugin allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page. It is very important especially when we want to show our code example. There are a lot of free and useful syntax highlighting scripts around, but they are big, slow and have unnecessary functionality.
So that people can see examples of work in our portfolio, I wrote this little script to highlight HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript syntax. It’s very simple and works quickly.

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WordPress Category HTML Description plugin

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To more personalize your WordPress blog you can use the categories description. But WordPress uses content filters that strip out all but the most basic formatting tags. And we can not add HTML code for the categories descriptions.

Our team wrote a small WordPress Category HTML Description plugin, which solves this problem.
Plugin disables content filters and any html code you add to the category description will not be stripped out.

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