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Cache Php Class

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There are many ready solutions for caching data on php, but I will propose own Cache Php Class. It is quite simple and will help to understand the mechanism of caching.

We will not be caching whole pages, this solution is outdated. In reality, only caching of individual blocks is used. And if more precisely, we will cache only the pure data, no html.

Cacher allows you to cache variables (anything that can be put into a variable) for later use. This speeds up loading time, and reduces load on the data source.

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Text Replace php script

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When it’s needed to replace some text in multiple html files, first of all you’re starting thinking about this boring monotonous work.

For example, you have almost finished slicing about 30 pages from PSD to HTML. And the customer requests to replace JUST some of the links in the footer and one link in the header for example on each page. It’s cool if you could use PHP or SSI includes. But if the customer wants a clean and simple HTML markup. What would you to do in this case?

Please feel free to check out and use our Text Replace php script.

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